something that is intended to reconcile or form a connection between two things

At Bridge CC, our desire is to have multiple points of connection... 

to God, To One another, to MIssion.  

Survey OuR Groups and let us know how we can help!


Session Groups are a space to connect with others around a shared activity, study, or missional interest. They are offered three times a year- Spring, Summer, & Fall.  Groups vary as interest and leaders arise, and will usually meet 4-8 times per season (weekly, monthly, etc.).  *Contact the group leader for times and locations if not otherwise noted.

Supper Club

Contact: Marissa Wood

Do you love to eat good food and fellowship with others? The Supper Club group will meet for dinner once per month in someone's home (the home will rotate) to share life and great food together around the table.

Time & Place: One Saturday evening each month (specific dates TBD)


Dead Theologians Society

Contact: Aaron Shaner

A group for those interested in reading and discussing inspirational writings by historic and modern theologians.

Time & Place: Once every 6 weeks in the evening.  

Golf Outings

Contact: Andrew Lindberg

If you like golf, come join us!  We will meet up to play different courses around Chattanooga.

Time & Place: First Saturdays of the month at courses around Chattanooga. Sign up to be in the know of where and when the group will be next.

Mountain Biking

Contact: David Sternberg

A group to connect those who enjoy some singletrack riding.  We'll aim for a once a month ride, followed up by an occasional breakfast or coffee for those interested.

Time & Place: Typically Saturday mornings, various trails around Chattanooga, sign up for ride updates and details

Hiking Club

Contact: Aaron Wood

Love the outdoors? Are you an avid hiker? Or maybe you've never hiked before but are interested? This group is for you! The hiking club will hike together once a month at different locations in Chattanooga (Lookout Mountain, Signal, etc.)

Time & Place: Once per month on Saturday mornings at various trails in Chattanooga (specific dates/locations TBD)

New Testament Survey

Contact: Ryan Shirck

Are you the one who reads the introductory chapters in your study Bible for fun? Or are you the one who skips the introductory chapters because you'd prefer someone live with whom to talk through the material? This session group covering the New Testament is intended to give additional background material for your devotional reading and Bible studies, from the beginning Bible reader to the student of Scripture wishing to go deeper.

Time & Place: 6 weeks, Church office, Dates TBD after sign ups  

Accountability for Healthy Living

Contact: Monica Daum

Do you need accountability to keep your healthy living on track? Do you start to exercise and eat right only to give up or quit just a short time later? Maybe you just need others around you aiming for the same goal! With this group, we’ll have a weekly check in (some in person and some online) to keep each other accountable for food intake and exercise. We’ll work together on taking care of the the bodies God has given each one of us.

Time and Place: A weekly check in. Specific times and place TBD after sign ups.

Half Marathon Training Group

Contact: Leanne McWilliams

Whether you are a seasoned runner or a beginner, join us in training for a half marathon. Training program will be provided and weekly group runs held (likely on Saturdays) for those wanting the accountability. The goal will be to run the Erlanger Chattanooga Half Marathon in March.


Community Groups are a great place to belong and wrestle through your questions in pursuit of deeper relationship with God.  These groups of 10-14 people meet weekly during the calendar school year.  Childcare is provided.  Contact to sign up or inquire further.  


Forge Groups are made up of 2-4 people, of the same gender, who meet weekly for mutual discipleship. There are three tasks forge seeks to accomplish- lots of Bible reading, prayer for others, and personal accountability.  Individuals at Bridge can form a forge group on their  own with a few others, or sign up to be in one.  If you have recently formed a forge group or want to sign up contact