A prom style event for those with special needs

Shine is an exciting night of dinner, music, dancing, games, and fellowship for our guests.  Caregivers are welcome to participate with their loved ones or they may take a break to relax and enjoy some pampering in our respite room.We encourage all guest to "come as you are."  Dress down with jeans and a t-shirt, or in your prom attire! We want our guests to be comfortable and ready to enjoy the evening!


As people we have a strong tendency to be exclusive...to circle up with people like us and keep others at a distance. Jesus lived out and taught something very different. Jesus was incredibly inclusive. He came for the sick, the hurting, the broken and the marginalized. He was also very clear, that if you wanted to follow Him, you had to do the same thing. SHINE is an opportunity for us to demonstrate who Jesus is and what He is all about.