something that is intended to reconcile or form a connection between two things

At Bridge CC, our desire is to have multiple points of connection... 

to God, To One another, to MIssion.  

Survey OuR Groups and let us know how we can help!



Community Groups are a great place to belong and wrestle through your questions in pursuit of deeper relationship with God.  These groups of 10-14 people meet weekly during the calendar school year.  


Forge Groups are made up of 2-4 people, of the same gender, who meet weekly for mutual discipleship. There are three tasks forge seeks to accomplish- lots of Bible reading, prayer for others, and personal accountability.  Individuals at Bridge can form a forge group on their  own with a few others, or sign up to be in one. 


Session Groups are a space to connect with others around a shared activity, study, or missional interest. They are offered three times a year- Spring, Summer, & Fall.  Groups vary as interest and leaders arise, and will usually meet 4-8 times per season (weekly, monthly, etc.).  Here's our current Spring Session Groups:


Come & Play at Harrison Bay

Kim Young,

A group for moms and kids to hang out, eat lunch, and play.  We'll have some kayaks, SUPs, and tubes.

Dates TBD- contact for more info


Monica Daum,

Bring your projects.  Bring your scrapbooking, crochet, jewelry, knitting, whatever you do and we can craft and chat.

Dates TBD- contact for more info

Dead Theologians Society
Tye Young, 
A group for those interested in reading and discussing inspirational writings by historic and modern theologians.
Meets roughly every other month.  

Next meeting is in June. Contact Tye for more details.

Fly Fishing

Andy Walden,

A great time to learn and spend time together fly fishing.  A fly rod is required (a few extras available for use on first come, first serve basis).  
Dates TBD- contact for more info

Ladies Day Out

Ashley Francis,

Meet once a month to refresh, recharge, and fellowship with other ladies.

Activities will include Movies, Out to eat, hiking.

Dates TBD (2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month)