THEY’RE BACK!!  We are excited to announce that Community Groups are starting up again to provide some great times of connection, discussion, caring for one another, prayer and serving.  Groups officially restart week of November 1st and end a couple of weeks before Christmas.

If your group has not met in the last few months and you are interested in getting back, contact your group leader.  If you are not part of a group at present but would like to be, contact Rick Gunn, Associate Pastor - rick@bridgechristian.org 


Aaron Shaner/Drew and Laura Cottongim – E. Brainerd area (includes childcare)  Contact: amshaner@gmail.com

Kydon and Sheena Bowen – Meets in E. Brainerd area.  (includes childcare)

Contact:  kydon.bowen86@gmail.com or snkbowen@hotmail.com 


Women’s Study - Victoria Clark - 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm    Meets in E. Brainerd area.  (this group does not offer childcare.)

Contact: camelriderusa@hotmail.com 


Tye and Kim Young6:30 pm – 8:00 pm twice a month. (this group does not offer childcare)  Meets in E. Brainerd area

Contact:  tyebyoung@hotmail.com or kimbyoung@hotmail.com 

Rick Gunn - 7pm - 8 pm - “Getting Beyond Awkward” When Talking About Jesus is Outside Your Comfort Zone - 3 wk group discussion.  Online or in person.  Contact: rick@bridgechristian.org if interested.  (childcare is not provided)

New Women’s Study/Walking Group with Lisa Pauley.  More details to be announced.  If interested Contact:  lpauley12@hotmail.com