something that is intended to reconcile or

form a connection between two things

Here at Bridge CC, our desire is to

have multiple points of connection... 

to God, To One another, & Mission. 

Survey our groups and let us know how we can help!



Community Groups are a great place to belong and wrestle through your questions in pursuit of a deeper relationship with God.  These groups of 10-14 people meet weekly during the calendar school year.  


Forge Groups are made up of 2-4 people, of the same gender, who meet weekly for mutual discipleship. There are three tasks forge seeks to accomplish- lots of Bible reading, prayer for others, and personal accountability.  Individuals at Bridge can form a forge group on their own with a few others, or sign up to be in one. 


Session Groups are a space to connect with others around a shared activity, study, or missional interest. They are offered three times a year- Spring, Summer, & Fall.  Groups vary as interest and leaders arise, and will usually meet 4-8 times per season (weekly, monthly, etc.).  

Summer 2019 Session Groups

Family Outings 

Daimi Shirck daimih@yahoo.com

We'll get together as families to go for walks, the zoo, and more.

Fri, May 31 at 6 pm- 1.5 mile walk at Enterprise South

Thurs, June 13 at 5 pm - 1.5 mile walk at Enterprise South

4th of July Weekend - Collegedale Fireworks

Sat, July 13 at 11 am - Picnic at Coolidge, fountains, walk the bridge, etc.

Fri, August 9th at 6 pm - 1.5 mile walk at Enterprise South

Kydon's Sportastic Adventures

Kydon Bowen, kydon.bowen86@gmail.com

Four meet ups over the summer with a different sports game for each: Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, Volleyball, Wiffleball.  Dates: 2x in June, 2x in July

Meets in various locations

Understanding Scripture

Ryan Shirck, ryan.shirck@gmail.com

A four week survey of the development of the Bible, Monday evenings at 7 pm.

June 17- Old Testament Survey

June 24 - The "400 silent years" and how scripture became scripture

July 1- New Testament Survey

July 8 - History of the Church and it's understanding of scripture

The Hidden Power of the Gospels

Aaron Shaner, amshaner@gmail.com

Join Aaron this summer to discuss the book, The Hidden Power of the Gospels.  This will help participants better understand the Church Calendar (lectionary) Cycle and the backgrounds of the four gospel texts.  Runs 6 sessions.  Start date and times TBD.

Forgotten God Video Discussion with Francis Chan

Rick and Sharon Gunn, rick@bridgechristian.org

How can we better understand who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in us?  Have we neglected and missed out on an important aspect of God because we are afraid things might get crazy?  Find out how to renew your relationship with God and develop a deeper appreciation of the Third Person in the Trinity.  Runs 7 session on Thursday evenings, 6:30-8 pm beginning July 11th.

Sunday at the Water

Kim Young, kimbyoung@hotmail.com

Bring your picnic lunch and water toys (floats, kayaks, paddle boards, etc.) for a family afternoon on the lake at Harrison Bay.  Some kayaks and paddle boards will already be provided. 

July 14 at Harrison Bay