regathering - Sunday, JULY 12


On Sunday, June 14th we began regathering at Westview Elementary outdoors behind the school.   Sunday, July 12th we are moving back inside the gymnatorium.  Also, we will return to our 10:30 am worship hour.  

There’s a lot of different ideas out there on how to gather appropriately as a congregation. Our staff and elders believe the following guidelines will provide a healthy and conducive environment for our congregation.  We will continue to assess and adjust these guidelines as needed.  

Family Style Worship Gathering

  • We will set up chairs in 3-5 person clusters so that families, couples, and or those who've come together can sit together.
  • No B-Kids programming right now on Sunday mornings.  
  • We will sing several songs throughout the worship hour
  • There will be a short lesson in service directed toward our B-Kids
  • Shorter sermon directed at teens & adults
  • Communion will consist of the individual, disposable cups w/ bread
  • Joy Box will be in one location for offering as well as directions for online giving

Additional Health and Safety Guidelines

  • We will seek to maintain 6ft social distancing between clusters of chairs.
  • We are strongly encouraging all adults to wear a mask or face covering. We are not expecting our young children to do so nor those who have difficulty breathing.
  • When people are upfront talking or leading in the worship service they will remove their face covering.
  • We will provide stations with anti-bacterial soap and bottles of water for hydration.
  • Those who are at higher risk or showing symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and connect with us online.

For those not yet comfortable with returning on Sunday morning

  • We will continue our online content as we have over the last few months. The same message preached at Westview will go live on YouTube at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings.  We will also send this link in an email and post to our facebook page.

Beyond Sunday morning

  • (Online) The Alpha Marriage Course will continue through July on Thursday nights from 7:45-9:45 pm.
  • (In Person) Forge Groups will continue through the summer. This consists of 2-3 men or 2-3 women meeting once a week for spiritual growth and depth. For more details contact
  • Bridge Youth Group (BYG). We will slowly start to re-introduce some in person events.
  • As we make the move indoors we will begin to assess our capability at live streaming our Sunday morning worship this fall.
  • More fall plans coming soon... we will continue to provide online options for the Bridge community.

As we all know, this is an ever evolving situation, but we are looking forward to taking these next steps. Together we will continue to assess and embrace the uncertainty, taking confidence in Christ and solace in our fellowship together!