From the seventh day of creation onward, God has modeled and commanded rhythms of sabbath.  Sabbath means 'to cease,' but it's purpose involves so much more.  It's about rest and focus, celebration and relationship, remembrance and identity.  Ultimately, it's stopping to stay attentive to God when lesser things beg for our attention.

One seasonal rhythm God commanded in ancient Israel was that of the sabbath year.  Upon their exodus from slavery, God instructed that every "seventh year the land is to have a sabbath rest, a sabbath to the LORD" (Lev. 25:4).

While the sabbath year is not a direct command to us, we believe there's room for creative application.  As we enter our seventh year as Bridge Christian Church, we are instituting a sabbath year to the LORD.

We hope the following resources will be helpful as you study and seek to implement healthy rhythms of sabbath.  We will add more as the year progresses so check back often! 


Listen to the Sabbath Year Sermon from 10/22/17

Download the Sabbath Year Guide

Download the Results of our Sabbath survey (Fall 2017)